• Free Standard Shipping On Large Orders

    Purchases of $100 or more receive free expedited shipping included with their order.

  • 30-Day Plant Replacement Guarantee

    If your plant arrives in poor condition, we will send a replacement. We guarantee the life of the plant for 30 days after purchase.

  • Find Our Plants at Various Local Stores

    Olson's is primarily a wholesale grower, meaning we ship to large box stores throughout our region.

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Our flowers are carried in a variety of garden centers throughout the Western United States. Visit a garden center near you to shop in person and skip the wait.

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  • Olson's Fall Garden Mums

    During the fall season, Olson's grows multicolored mums. These are full, well-grown plants that add beautiful color throughout your garden.

  • Olson's Poinsettias

    In late fall and winter Olson's begins to sell and ship Poinsettias to the Mountain West region. These are always a great seasonal decoration to bring inside for the holidays.

  • Olson's Greenhouse Blog

    With our extensive and constantly growing gardening blog, you can find guides to many different plant varieties. Our goal is to help your love for gardening grow!